REPAIR + BRIGHTEN Facial Essence

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REPAIR + BRIGHTEN Facial Essence


A repairing active botanical blend of organic oils formulated to correct and target blemishes naturally and clear congestion of skin. A powerful fusion of vitamin-packed black seed oil, brightening turmeric oil and balancing clary sage oil. A lightweight, cleansing serum that helps to minimize breakouts and control excess oil. 


  • black seed oil - deeply nourishing, antibacterial able to both reduces excess oil production and diminish dark spots

  • turmeric essential oil - an energizing and antiseptic oil that helps to decongest surface impurities

  • juniper berry essential oil - works as a gentle astringent to treat breakouts

  • clary sage essential oil - a bacteria fighting oil that helps to eliminate excess bacteria on skin to prevent further breakouts

How to Use: 

Apply to affected, blemished areas both morning and night if the breakout is concentrated. 

If applying to entire face, use light pressure in an upward, sweeping motion or in light circles. Pat product where needed with clean fingertips or cotton towel. 

Application will assist with lymphatic drainage, which will help move fluid out of your tissues where bacteria can linger, and into your lymph nodes where they can be destroyed.

Full ingredient list:

black seed oil*, camellia oil*, argan oil*, turmeric oil*, juniper berry oil*, clary sage oil*, niaouli oil*, rosemary oil*, lemon oil*

*certified organic

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