HYDRATE + CALM Facial Essence

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HYDRATE + CALM Facial Essence


A deeply penetrating active botanical blend of organic oils formulated to nourish, soothe and balance skin. A powerful fusion of vitamin E rich prickly pear oil, calming roman chamomile, and free-radical-fighting argan oil. A lightweight, multipurpose, hydrating formula to give you an instant, effortless, dewy glow. 


  • argan oil - provides rich, consistent hydration that absorbs quickly and assists in a youthful complexion

  • prickly pear oil - a light oil that is extremely high in essential fatty acids to restore elasticity and stimulate cell renewal

  • roman chamomile essential oil - an anti-inflammatory oil that reduces surface impurities and calms skin

  • myrrh essential oil - stimulates circulation to plump and rejuvenate

How to Use: 

Apply using light pressure in an upward, sweeping motion or in light circles. Pat product where needed with clean fingertips or cotton towel. 

Application will assist with lymphatic drainage, which will help move fluid out of your tissues where bacteria can linger, and into your lymph nodes where they can be destroyed.

Full ingredient list: 

pomegranate seed oil*, argan oil*, rosehip oil*, prickly pear seed oil*, roman chamomile oil*, myrrh oil*

*certified organic

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