Organic Body Oil

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Organic Body Oil


Our body oil is designed as a luxurious daily moisturizer for all skin types. A gentle, non-greasy formula that provides penetrating antioxidants and fatty acids to boost healthy skin regeneration. Designed with four pillar organic oils to give skin a natural glow.


  • Organic sunflower oil is rich is oleic acids and vitamins A, D and E making it deeply nourishing to the skin

  • Sunflower oil improves skin's health while regenerating cells 

  • Organic olive oil is high in antioxidants, vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols, these help to restore skin and protect from sun damage

  • Organic olive oil contains high levels of hydroxytyrosol which is a powerful antioxidant having anti-inflammatory properties

  • Jojoba oil is very similar to skin's natural sebum and acts as a emollient to lock in moisture and maintain healthy oil levels


sunflower oil*, castor oil*, olive oil*, jojoba oil*

*certified organic

2oz glass spray bottle

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